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Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Average Young (18+ ) American Woman Has The Morals of an Alley Cat

 One of the biggest draws for males ( from around the world ) to convert to Islam 

is the lack of Wives in the west, especially lack of Wives in America. Generally speaking,

An American Woman is NOT a good wife candidate. They are brainwashed from a very 

early age to NOT be a wife, Unless there is some financial benefit at a later date...the 

"system", the divorce and family law courts are a deck that is stacked against men. 

Remember that all of this information is generally speaking ...what value does an 

American woman bring  to a marriage ? If they get a job outside of the home, they cheat on 

their husband. If they are a stay at home Mom / wife...then they are in the group that has the 

highest percentage of cheaters related to sex. Before they get married, They have had so 

many guys cum in their mouth ( obviously from oral sex ), what self-respecting man would 

even want to kiss them. Bottom line is that a wife should not have the morals of an alley 

cat. IMO

Kathryn Krick's Spiritual Father is a HERETIC and a LIAR!!

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