This Ministry, and the Christian Communal Living ( co-op community ), That is closely related to the ministry can be YOUR Destiny. Some ( maybe a lot ), of the attention will be focused on the Very Negative Aspects of the so-called Christian Church in 2023 ( and has developed to this current condition during the last 50 years )...WARNING: This ministry is definitely NOT "politically correct" , But if you have already been indoctrinated, Then you probably wouldn't be reading this right now. The Bible ( which is the source for God's word and is God's word, through REAL Prophets and Disciples of Jesus Christ ), Today, It's "Profits" , Not Prophets. Many of the topics that I teach are definitely NOT accepted by the general public, and even the majority of the "Christian Population" ( generally speaking, we will referred to as the "Sheeple" )...Here are a few examples of topics that we will discuss; So-called Christian women have reached new lows. This is not an absolute, But the most physically attractive women, with attractive / fit figures, are NOT Christian women. Family and gender roles should be clearly defined. Christian men need to get their act together and start being masculine men who are the Head of Their Household, and NOT tolerate the rebellious, feminist, non-submissive attitudes of women who claim their are Christians. A Christian woman can be an Alpha Female, But not with your boyfriend or husband. A Christian woman needs to know her place, and her role in the relationship and in the family. If God says that being a cross dresser is not only a sin, but is an abomination, Obviously God takes roles that He created, very seriously. Being SAVED from Eternity in Hell by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, Because His blood is what is covering your sins ( John 3:16 ), and on a day-to-day basis, The next focus will be Earthly RELATIONSHIPS and APPROPRIATE ROLES, Which in 2023 in America, is EXTREMELY MESSED UP ( For Now, I will just leave it at that )...Direct your questions to;

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