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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Whatever Secular Society Thinks About Marriage, Sex, Dating, Etc. is Irrelevant

This is the truth about marriage, 1 man with multiple women. It is to NEVER
be 1 woman with multiple men. All through history, the general rule has been,
if you can provide for multiple wives, then you can have multiple wives. Having multiple wives is usually a "luxury" reserved for the very wealthy and the ruling class. A woman would usually rather have a husband that is a high-value alpha male, even if she has to share him. If you think that having more than one wife is some temporary arrangement, and if it doesn't work out, that you can divorce her...then you are wrong, and this is where sin enters the picture. You better really know what you are getting into, with your choice of wife #2, Wife #3, etc....I would advise no more than 4 wives, Even if you can provide for them on every level. Polygyny, Polygamy , #polygyny, #polygamy , #polyamory , polyamory , #monogamous #throuple #christian #bible #biblical , christian domestic discipline

Here Are Some of The Tenents