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Friday, December 15, 2023

Sister Rosetta Tharpe- "Didn't It Rain?

Bring back REAL Christian music, and eliminate the 
non-creative, nonsense that is being passed off as
"Christian" worship music, when in reality, most of
it is only meant to put you in a hypnotic state, to suck
money out of you.

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

There Is No Reason to Please Women or Politicians


In The Last Days of The Last Days, Christians Should Live in a Communal ( not communist ) Environment. We believe That Only a VERY Small Number of Christians Will Be Chosen. Many Are Called, But VERY Few Are Chosen. Matt 22:14 The Christian Church is in Complete Apostasy...Being "Politically Correct" Should be of NO Concern to Any Real Christian. If Our Lifestyle, Doctrine, Moral Compass Listens to , or is Concerned With Pleasing Women or Politicians...Then You Are Already on a Path That Leads to Destruction. Follow My Teachings and Find The Real Meaning of Christianity. This Dom Makes "No Pretense of Piety"... It is not a stretch of the imagination, to adopt a Master ( Lord ) / female submissive Christian relationship. Keep the time frame in mind when the Bible was written. Almost EVERY relationship / husband-wife was ALREADY Dom / sub , Master / slave...Wives were already considered property, They didn't need to role play.

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Monday, September 11, 2023

Consensual Adult Slave Protocol For Christian Wives

 Yes, She is your wife, and yes, You Love Her. But she should do what you tell her to 

  do, when you tell her to do it, and to the best of her ability. If you lead, she 

  will follow. If you won't lead, she will naturally seek to fill that void. 

Here Are Some of The Tenents