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Monday, February 5, 2024

You Want Proof Kathryn Krick Is a Cult Leader? Here it Is!

  • This is just a tiny part of the insanity that is going around the Christian community
  • There is no such thing as a modern day apostle
  • Apostles in the Bible we all men, because women cannot have ANY authority over a man, therefore they cannot teach a man in any way, shape or form.
  • This is very popular on TBN ( Trinity Broadcasting Network ), where the pastor makes his wife a "co-pastor" , and she teaches over men, a very anti-Biblical practice...but what's the key motivation for doing this ? to stay on good terms with all the feminists in their church. Sad to say, but there are as many feminists in the Chrstian church, as there are in secular society. They might not be out marching in the streets "protesting the patriarchy" , but they are still feminists. This is another reason why most modern-day pastors will only give watered-down sermons about Biblical female submission ( which usually only last about 3 minutes on this topic ), the pastor knows that if they told the truth about why a wife needs to submit to her own husband, that half of their female members would walk out, and the pastor would greatly reduce the money flowing into their church. 
  • Males in most Christian churches do not know the Bible, and have been indoctrinated into being a "beta male" ( feminine traits and have no prolem bowing down to their wife, and their married life is usually a woman-led marriage, which sooner or later will be a Train Wreck, and it is completely contrary to the guidelines of what a Chrstian marriage should be. 

Monday, August 28, 2023

Kathryn Krick and Geor Davie Exposed!

Kathryn Krick is trying to be the Christian female of Teal Swan,
and her "mentor", ( Big Daddy ), Geor Davie is the so-called Christian 
version of the sex cult leader Osho ( Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh )...The "ministries"
of these two, are a train wreck in the making. They will fall, sooner or later, and
it's in your best interest, to not be on their train.

Update on False Apostle Kathryn Krick

F4F | Exposing False Apostle Kathryn Krick

Kathryn Krick's Obsession with False "Prophet" Geor Davie

Here is a dangerous cult in the making...But you can make your own conclusions.

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Set Free & Overcome with Joy & Awe ( and drawing attention to the so-called Pastor )

I am NOT promoting the person doing this video, But the video is very informative about
the FALSE teacher, prophets ( profits ) Kathryn Krick and Geor Davie

This is a FALSE prophet. Also, Her association with Guillermo Maldonado is also a
big Red Flag.   
If you see a so-called Christian "prophet" and/or "apostle" and she is preaching
 to an open audience, Both males and females...She is automatically a False Prophet. 
There as to be a disclaimer from any female Christian teacher that they can only be called
to teach other women. 
This woman has over 500,000 subscribers...It amazes me that people seem to never grow tired of sensationalized "healing services" ...
Of course, More times than not, Pastors like this are pretty, friendly and well-spoken...It draws people in...Teal Swan is not a preacher, But it's the same type mind-set...Teal Swan a cult leader, and having a Charismatic personality is almost always a requirement for a cult leader. 
It was very difficult to understand who she said her "spiritual Father" on her video                ( "Spiritual Father" is also a big Red Flag. There is no such thing as a "spiritual father" , other than the ONLY Father, Who is God...There is  also no such thing as "generational curses"...I finally found who she claims is her 'Spiritual Father" and it is Geor Davie, Who
is definitely a false teacher..., and BIG WARNING about this guy !!! Kathryn Krick is associated with this guy, Therefore, a BIG WARNING about Kathryn Krick. 

Whether she is associated with this guy or not, The search did lead me to this False Teacher, E. Bernard Jordan, a "name it and claim it". "prosperity" $$$ preacher

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Here Are Some of The Tenents