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Friday, October 13, 2023

Husbands Must Be Head of Household

 I know that this will come off as "terrible" and "judgmental", and maybe it is ? But it's also the truth. I'm very sick and tired of "weirdo" Christian women. I'm not talking about Catholic women, or others that "think" they are Christians, But are definitely not Christians according to the Bible ( which is God's word ). I'm tired of the Evil One, Evil Spirits who represent the Evil One, and Evil people in society who target the beautiful women ( with the most attractive bodies and faces ), and basically destroy them. This is a general long-term observation ( not an absolute ), and Christian men are stuck with the left overs, the flat asses and flat chests ( I'm most talking about white Christian women ). To make things even worse, a high percentage of white Christian women have really bad attitudes. I can't think of a worse scenario for dating, and possibly marriage. Unattractive and a horrible attitude. I've run into more radical feminists in Christian churches than I have in pagan society.         Also a high-percentage of Christian males have allowed themselves to be feminized, and Emasculated = Deprived of his male role or identity. It's as bad as cross dressers, which is an abomination to God. Husbands must be Head of Household, Ruler and Leader of the home, not some politically-correct wimp who let's his wife wear the pants in the relationship. 

"insecure, emasculated men" "made weaker or less effective"   When it should be the exact opposite. Christian men should be a great example of appropriate masculinity for the secular world. 

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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Enneagram Cult | The Dangers of the Enneagram

The point of posting this video is not related to 
"Enneagrams" , The point is that the couple is a source 
for information about the complete lunatics and scammers
( False teacher, False Prophets, False "Apostles" )
that are the most popular "pastors" within Christianity 
in 2023...


Kathryn Krick's Spiritual Father is a HERETIC and a LIAR!!

Tags;  In my opinion, I would never step foot in any of the following so-called ministries; Craig Groeschel, Tim Timberlake, Mark Driscoll, ...