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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Christian Bible New Testament Does Not Prohibit Polygamy ( Only Pagan Society Made It Illegal )

The Roman Empire ( the controlling power in Israel during New Testament times ), Made
it illegal to have more than one wife, It was NOT the Bible that made it illegal or
a sin. Currently, Polygamy is illegal, Therefore we should practice Christian Closed 
Monogamous Poly Relationship. If you have any interest in a Poly relationship at all.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Does the New Testament Prohibit Polygamy?

The Master-Pastor's view on this subject is, of course, "Controversial"...
I am personally for multiple-wives, But with "concerns"...
1) The government should enter into our personal choices related to relationships,
and Polygamy is against (secular ) law.
2) Are you qualifed as a Leader that would make a good head of Household for
multiple-wives. ( One woman with multiple-hubands has been unnatural for all of
history. it is a double-standard, But that's the way it is...Women are made for men, 
NOT men were made for a woman )...this is what the Bible teaches.
3) If you can't control your current wife, Then you are NOT qualified to have a 2nd
wife. You cannot divorce your current wife, to marry another woman. 
4) If your current wife is not submissive and obedient, Then you could be entering a
future "train wreck", Because it shows that you made a wrong choice with your first
wife ( this is not and absolute, But highly-unlikely )...You have to first be with a woman
that fully respects you as her Leader, and that you always make decisions that are also
in her best interest. In the example of multiple-wives in the Bible, Nowhere would it even
slightly suggest that the husband needs to "get the greenlight" ( approval ) from his first wife to bring another woman into their marriage. Remember, this is not a temprary "fling" or experiment. Both wives are not going anywhere, they will there there for LIFE. ( even though the current divorce rate among people who consider themselves Christians is as high, or higher than pagan society. 
Feminism inherently is Toxic, and is not to be tolerated in a Christian marriage, and should not be tolerated in the dating process. Any Feminist Red Flags that surface during the dating process is your sign to immediately drop this woman and move on. 

Here Are Some of The Tenents