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Friday, March 22, 2024

Book Review | Please Give Me Your Comments About This Book

 This is not my book, it is a review for another Christian writer. Please give me your comment if you actually read his book. 

I'm Chuck Habermehl, a Vietnam Marine Veteran with over three decades in law enforcement and a passion for hand-to-hand combat tactics. I've written a compelling narrative that explores the final days of Christ's life through the lens of a combative tactician, highlighting the physical tortures He endured in a far more barbaric time. I'm delighted to request that the book be reviewed on Christian Communal Living.

"Christ's Purple Heart: Killed In Action Body Resurrected" is a riveting exploration of the final days of Christ's life, as seen through the eyes of Chuck Habermehl, a Vietnam Marine Veteran with over thirty years in law enforcement. Drawing from his extensive study of the Bible and over 35 books on Jesus' life and regional warfare, Habermehl presents a unique perspective, likening Jesus' mission to classic small-unit tactics. He delves into the brutal physical tortures Christ endured, providing detailed descriptions often omitted from traditional accounts. Four chapters are dedicated to the mechanisms of Christ's death: interrogation, scourging, beatings, and crucifixion. Throughout, Jesus is portrayed as a disciplined warrior, bravely sacrificing Himself for His unit, His mission, and mankind. While Jesus is deserving of many honors, Habermehl focuses on the Purple Heart, awarded for physical injuries sustained in combat, offering a fresh and compelling perspective on Christ's sacrifice.

I invite you to read more about the book on:


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