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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Need One Person to Donate Bedroom(s) In Your Home To Further This Message


There are many variations to this request for a bedroom donation 

for the Master-Pastor. 1) I would prefer someone donate the use of a

spare bedroom, ( or bedrooms ), in the East Mesa, Arizona area...Any 

other city / state can be discussed and negotiated. I would also prefer

that the person donation the use of the bedroom, and/or living room,

garage, etc. be a 55+ age woman ( Christian, or Interested in becoming a

Christian )...Again, this is all areas that can be discussed and/or negotiated.

Open and honest communication is extremely important.

If you wife is truly on board with Domestic Discipline and knows her place in the relationship, This phase when punishment must be applied, Will seldom be necessary...Unless, you are also on the same page and your wife enjoys the pleasure-pain of spanking, and she is into "funishment" ...her version of foreplay before some variation of sex. "The marriage bed is undefiled" , so a couple can practice sex anyway they choose, as long as it is consensual ( obviously the husband and wife have to be consenting adults )

Faith, Hop and Love are Fundamental Principles of Christianity

Comparing Domestic Discipline, Especially Christian Domestic Discipline, with Domestic Violence is ignorant and ludicrous. It is nothing more than propaganda from "the agenda" ( the global elite that has been planning a one government world and global slavery for a very long time. We can see from obvious world events, that their plan for implementation is right around the corner. 

It is the man's position ( his Godly role ) that deserves the ultimate respect and obedience.

Here is a guideline to know if your church and pastor are a pathetic example of Christianity. RULE NUMBER 1...If your pastor has a "healing ministry" , eg. Kenneth Copeland ), But they won't take the time to focus on going to hospitals and heal people there, even though they wouldn't be "tithing" ( paying you ), Then they are obviously are a fraud, or at the very least, specialize in "selective healing" ( selecting those who can pay the pastor through more and more tithing )

Remember that we put a strong focus on Christian Domestic Discipline , As a Christian man with a backbone, Learn how to properly manage your family. If no children, Discipline all start with providing structure and discipline for your wife. Some elements of CDD, should be implemented during the dating phase. Train them the right way from the very beginning, and Red Flags to watch out for. If you detect any elements of toxic feminism, Once you discuss the topic with your potential mate, If they are not willing to immediately drop all of the feminist mind-set nonsense, Then you should drop them and move on. The divided house will eventually fall. If you are not on the same page, Feminist nonsense will surface in the future, like cancer that keeps reappearing, and will lead to the destruction of your marriage and family. This ( along with being in the secular world too much ), is the primary reason why divorce among people who claim they are Christians, is exactly the same percentage as the secular, non-Christian world )

Is this the future of a so-called church ?

We are very focued on developing a Christian Communal Living environment, Preferable off-grid as much as possible. Whatever label you want to use, It must be Bible-based, and Bible implemented; #Christian #IntentionalCommunity, #ChristianCommunity, Christian Off-Grid Group, #Fundamentalist #Bible Community, etc. If you have no interest living in a Bible-based community, Then this probably isn't the group for you. You will never have to turn your money or possessions to anyone. No children. 18+ only. Possibly, in the future, with the right amount of funding, we will have a separate "family section" of our Christian Community. 

Here Are Some of The Tenents