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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Honesty In My Life Must Be Extremely Important

As far as I know the couple in the video are not Christians...But the point of posting the video is that we MUST return to the true natural way, When it comes to restoring Men as the Head of Household, The Dominant...and Women must submit to their Male Leader. The last thing in the world that most women want in a relationship is "Equality"...They are looking for a True Leader.

Upon asking many people in the world today, “Are you saved?”, most will reply with an automatic, “Yes”; but if we ask them what they are saved from, most of them will have no idea what we are even talking about…

Salvation is deliverance. It is being rescued from something. It is something that is done by one who has the strength and power to save, for someone who has the need and desire to be rescued.

Salvation in the New Testament is spoken of in two tenses:

🎁 1.) Salvation from the bondage of sin, so that a person can be changed from a sinner into a saint (all Christians are saints), and have the power to live a holy life free from the bondage of sin (present tense)…

🎁 2.) Salvation from the wrath of God Almighty [Jesus Christ] which is to come (future tense) by living in the power of the gospel of Christ, and keeping oneself free from sin until the day of judgment.

Paul taught it this way in Romans 5:9,10:

“Much more then, being now (present tense) justified by his blood, we shall be (future tense) saved from wrath through him.

For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled (present tense), we shall be saved (future tense) by his life.”

New Topic for this post. Men, Don't date single Mom's...Period. You will regret the baggage that they bring to a relationship. 
Don't date a woman, Whether they claim they are a Christian or not, Who has a "Feminist" attitude, mind-set, etc...It will be a Train Wreck waiting to happen. If you are a real man, Who truly deserves to be Head of Household, You will encounter constant rebellion, Drama and the fighting will escalate. Why ? Because deep down ( or maybe on the surface ), she doesn't respect ANY man. She has been completely indoctrinated ( brainwashed ), and 
she is not going to change. Males younger than 40 years old, and especially younger than 
30 years old, Finding the right Christian woman in a Christian church, is probably NEVER going to happen...

There are submissive, traditional, single women in American society...But "good luck" 
trying to find them. 99.9% of them are already in a relationship, or married. in 2023, The "American Woman" is a pathetic example of what a good wife should be. 

Christian Domestic Discipline ( 1950's style )
Should be part of your relationship, and you 
should establish your Dominance, Especially 
if she is in the process of "testing" you, Poking
the Bear to see if you will put her in her place,
of you are a submissive pushover. Remember,
Most women are NOT looking for Equality, 
Regardless what they say, They are looking
for a Leader, a strong, masculine dominant man,
who is a man of his word, and makes decisive
decisions...Has a backbone. If your woman tests
you and your fail the test, and do not have these
traits, You are going to be living in hell for as 
long as you are in that relationship, Because she
has zero respect for you. 


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