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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

If You Are a REAL Woman, Do You Get To Vote If a "Trans Woman" With a Penis and Testicles Can Compete in Women's Sports

 If I were a woman, I would be very angry when you realize 

that the government is preaching and promoting "Women's Rights"

UNTIL it comes to so-called "trans" , Then the entire topic of REAL

women is non-existent. "Women" who have a penis and balls, throw 

on a wig and all of a sudden they are the focus of society, a "protected

group" why are they allowed to take rights away from women with a

vagina, and female DNA ? Just as an example, Are women allowed to vote

if they want to compete against men in swimming, Because these men are

claiming they are now a woman. Hell no, The average woman can't vote on anything that 

really matters. When it really comes down to it, Women have NO rights. IMO

Come on, Are Christians supposed to believe this crap....That a Husband should submit to their wife...This is just more toxic feminist nonsense. A Christian husband should NEVER submit to their wife, actually never submit to any woman. 
Woke, or any other type of government propaganda, should never be part of the life of a Christian. 

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