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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Demonic Doctrines Of Women Pastors | Women Cannot Be Christian Pastors, Period !

Stop listening to ANY female "Christian Pastor" . Every word that comes
out of their mouth is against God's commandments, Even if they are reading
or quoting the Bible, it doesn't matter !!! The entire concept of Women Pastors
only exists because of extremely toxic feminist nonsense that has invaded the
Christian church. Feminist nonsense hasn't invaded the Muslim religion.

Don't allow secular society define Christian Biblical terms;
Enlightenment. Jesus Christ is the LIGHT of the world. Unless you accept
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, You will NEVER be Enlightened. There is no
Enlightened Person on Earth that is outside of a follower of Jesus Christ. 

Wives Submit To Your Husbands | What Part Do You Not Understand

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