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Sunday, September 10, 2023

WARNING : If You Don't Want to Discuss Real World #Sexuality, #sex #submission

WARNING : If you don't want to discuss the real world sexuality, Then this is a good time to exit this blog post. 

In My Personal Experiences, ( in the past ),Many Women Claim They Aren't in Submission to any Man, When in Reality it is Extremely Common For Them to Quickly Drop to Their Knees, and Help Themselves to The Zipper. Could They Get Any More Submissive ? Yeah, They are usually up for that submissive act too. Remember, That

This Teacher makes no pretense of piety. Teacher now, and when I find the right woman to marry, My wife will always refer to me as Master, or Sir...Master is the same as Lord ( which Sarah called Abraham )

Most Christian Pastors in 2023 are feminized, male feminist, wimps, teaching the "politically correct" agenda, and their greed-based doctrine, Much more than they ever teach the Bible. They avoid the entire topic of
"wives submit to your Husbands" like it's the plague, back-peddling and making excuses for even bringing up the subject to their female members.
Those pastors better stay clean of the Bible verses that deal with "women
should learn in silence" ( keep their mouth shut in church, until they get home and ask their Husband )
Sarah obeyed Abraham, her husband, and called him her master (Lord). And you women are true children of Sarah if you always do what is right and are not afraid.

This is ONLY For Adults 18+ ( even though there is no way in hell, that an 18 year old girl is an Adult Woman. )

What are 2 of the most destructive things in America, That are destroying marriages, appropriate dating, family and personal roles, and are EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL to women...

1) Feminist Mind-Set and Practices. The "Radical Feminist Agenda" is just that, It isn't based in facts, It's based in their political agenda. Whenever the government promotes ANYTHING, There is a Political Agenda attached to it. Power and Control is the name of their game.2) The media promotes "men are stupid" or a woman can do it better, etc...Wow, couldn't be further from the truth. "Men are stupid" and the "Empowered, Intelligent Woman" primarily exists only on television,and in movies ( the most common forms of brainwashing the American public. )...FYI, I had a "feminist" boasting how she had 4 college degrees...That's a perfect example of the mind of a 10 year old girl, stuck in an adult body...Not being able to come to a logical conclusion. She should be able to figure out that most college degrees require memorizing information, and not on intelligence. How many things have women invented in the last 100 years, other than a secretary inventing "white out" ...Come on, It's time to get real, and stop listening to this BS about "I am woman, hear me roar" ...With the feminist nonsense being preached in America, Respect for women has reached an all-time LOW...Not an all-time high ladies, an ALL-TIME LOW ...The all-time most respectful era for women was in the 1940's-1950's ....In 2023, Look around, Due to the Feminist Agenda promoted and endorsed by the government, NEVER BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA, there are more women NOW getting the shit beat out of them on a daily basis, NOW more women addicted to drugs ( usually by males to control them ), NOW more women with STD's all the way down to Junior High School, NOW 50% of girls in High School will have some form of a STD before they graduate, the numbers are higher than prostitutes in the 50's...Is all of this signs that "empowering" is beneficial ? No, It's all extremely degrading to women...Why is the Porn Industry allowed to operate legally ? Because there are $Billions involved, follow the money trail. Why is it that a high percentage of women that PREACH feminism, and how they should be running the show, and they would NEVER be in submission to a man, are the FIRST to drop to their knees and start sucking some guy's cock...can you think of anything more submissive than that ? I always thought that was one of the most hypocritical acts that a woman could ever do. I have no problem with receiving oral sex, Just don't claim that you would "never" be in submission to a man.

Here Are Some of The Tenents