Sunday, September 24, 2023

The Divide Between Christian Dating and Secular Dating


              Is this how a young woman should dress when she is going out on a date ? 

For decades there has been a big divide between Christian dating and secular dating ( and in some ways, There should be a separation. But when it comes to male and female Christian roles, and roles within relationships...Christians are just like secular society, Which is messed up and clueless, When it comes to the reality of personal relationships in America. 

Christian men, if you are dating a Christian woman ( or claims that she is a Christian ), and you see any signs of the Feminist mind-set, The Feminist agenda, Drop her instantly, Block her and walk away, Because if you stay with her, There is a high probability that the relationship and your life, will be a Train Wreck

Most of these problems related to the feminist agenda and Feminizing American Males within the Christian church, destroying traditional values, destroying traditional roles in the family in the Christian church...can all be traced back to so-called Christian pastors, Especially in Mega-Churches , who avoid the real problems, avoid speaking truth about wives be in submission to your husband. Their motivation is MONEY , and church member retention. Speak the Truth > Lose members > Lose Money

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