Sunday, March 31, 2024

If You Are a Member , You Will Never Be Asked For Money


 We have no pretense of piety. You will NEVER be asked for money. This is NOT "religion" . Contact the Master-Pastor, Solus Dominus ( ) . This is the ONLY way to attain TRUE Spiritual Enlightenment, a term that was highjacked by the "new age" community. It all depends on your definition of (Spiritual) "Light". Jesus Christ and God the Father is the Only True Light. Our "Controversial" Topics; Christianity in general will always be Controversial, traditional relationship roles, polyamory ( multiple loves, not multiple sex partners. )

The greatest spiritual movement needs to be developed and promoted in the Philippines. Master-Pastor Solus Dominus should be able to spend half of the year in the Philippines, and the other half of the year in the USA. Master-Pastor is open for relocation in the USA, depending on investor(s). "The message can only go as far as the dollar can carry it", But members will NEVER be asked for money. 

Donate Room(s) In Your Home.
***The rooms can be in any area ( city/ state ), Not restricted to Gilbert, Arizona. I own my own place ( even though very small ), between Apache Junction and East Mesa, Arizona.
Master Pastor is looking for one person 
( prefer senior citizen, But not mandatory ) Also prefer that it would be a 100% donation basis, But if you need financial compensation, You will receive 25% of net profits from training fees, roommate fees, royalties from Master's books, Youtube channel, etc. You will also be credited as a Charter Member, which includes free teachings. 
Master-Pastor is a Contrarian, So do not expect some "cookie cutter Guru" approach to Christianity. The teachings of Master-Pastor are diametrically opposed to every aspect of Christianity that is being taught in the world today. Which translated, Means that the teachings are Biblical, Compared to the majority of the non-Biblical nonsense that is being taught in 99% of the "Christian" churches today. 
***What would the rooms be used for ? I will be keeping my own residence for at least the first 6 months ( unless the opportunity that you would be providing is out of my area ) If it is one bedroom, then it would be used for a quiet room for writing, Vlogging, etc....If you have 2 bedrooms, then one bedroom would be used for 2 roommates / students, and the other bedroom will be used as a private temple / prayer room ( and remember, as a contrarian Master-Pastor, Meditation is NOT what you think it is...The "buzz word" meditation is an alternative term for prayer, as long as prayer is focused on embracing Father God through Jesus Christ )

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