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  • This is just a general outline of our Saneiv Biblical Christian Movement and Co-Op Community. 
  • The word “gospel” simply means “good news,” but we must understand that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just good news, it is the good news. While we are all sinners (those who have failed to live up to God’s perfect standard), Jesus has provided a way for sinners to be pardoned instead of punished. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, we can have a relationship with God that transforms our lives forever when we place our trust in Jesus alone. 
  • The Christian church is in Apostasy ( generally speaking, It has fallen ), No "mega church" ( American churches that have 10,000 or more members, some have 30,000 + )...Therefore, in this era ( the last of the last days ), Most people in church do NOT want to hear the Word of God, or read the Bible for themselves. The biggest culprit in all of this is the Television Version of Christianity, ( other than the obvious satanic influence that is alive and well in America )
  • Saneiv Biblical Christianity is not some new form of Christianity, Not an addition to the Bible, and it's not trying to add "spirituality" to Biblical Christianity. Saneiv is a comprehensive system of real world, Biblical Christianity...Basically bringing back reality into Christianity. In Saneiv,      There is no pretense of piety. Christians have sinned, continue to sin, and will sin in the future...regardless of the fact that you are saved. We should always run from sin, But the reality is that the difference between sinning and not sinning is, is OPPORTUNITY...
  • Considering the fact that crossdressing is not only a sin, It is an abomination to God.
  • Submission ( Follow and Obey ) , Not only spiritual submission, But submission in all areas of life. This does not mean that submission makes you a robot or a doormat. This also does not mean that submission involves money or sex. We need NEVER ask for money, But we also realize that the message can only go as far as the $Dollar can carry it. 
  • If a woman cannot submit to their husband, They can't submit to God. And No, Common-Sense will tell you that your husband does not have the right to physically beat on you. God did not put you on Earth to be a punching bag for some assh*le...That's the bottom-line. But, Also keep in mind that their is an agenda in the works, and part of that propaganda in America is to brainwash women that "abuse" is anything that doesn't allow a woman to do anything that she "feels" like she wants to do, eg. In other words, if your husband ever says NO to his wife, it's abuse. My husband won't let me go to Las Vegas with my female friends, He is "abusing" me...This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is really going on in American relationships. 
  • We believe in building up American women, Not tearing them down. By building up, We are talking about "raising the bar" on a moral level. Currently, a high percentage of American women have the morals of an alley cat, Especially when it comes to the lack ( or complete absence ) of any morality when it comes to sex outside of marriage. American women was the envy of the world, High value women for marriage ( 1930's, 40's, 50's ), Then the (evil) spiritual and secular society attack was directed at American women, and they took the bait; hook, line and sinker...Now and for the last 30+ years, American women are the bottom of the barrel, When it comes to a potential wife. Currently, Toxic Feminism has invaded the Christian church. As soon as they even hear the term "submission" , they will usually react with inner ( and sometimes, outward ) Rage. 
  • On the vice versa viewpoint, Feminism has also invaded the church and brainwashed males. "Man" is a very loose term in the modern-day church, Beta males, submissive males, males who need to grow a backbone. It is not Biblical to be a "Yes Dear" type. Yes, You are commanded to Love your wife..Of course you should love your wife...Why would you want to marry her, If you didn't love her ?
  • The man is Head of Household, and he needs to learn how and why to lead a woman. A female-led relationship is a train wreck waiting to happen.
  • You are not saved through the "details" , But the details are still very necessary to lead an effective and fulfilling Christian relationship lifestyle. Some of the details are;
  • Women need to keep their hair long, and in a feminine way. This doesn't mean that you NEVER cut your hair. The object is the principle, Which is to promote your feminine nature. You should have your hair trimmed when necessary. When your hair turns into a spiritual pride ( ego promoting ) thing, Then YOU need to remove your pride and ego from the picture. Bottom line is that real men are attracted to a feminine woman, with a fit ( usually thin ) body with a nice shape. We don't believe that Christian women need to have B cup breasts. 
  • We do not believe or promote the "Prosperity Gospel" ( which is no gospel at all ), We also don't believe or promote the "Poverty Gospel"...
  • For other "details" , Please email;

You need to re-set your mind-set. You should not be a poor excuse for a woman, and a woman should not be a poor excuse for a man. Be very careful about the propaganda that you have been exposed to. "Happy Wife, Happy Life" ...this motto is complete nonsense. If this motto is implemented in your relationship, there is a very high possibility that your wife or girlfriend will lose respect for you...she will seek out an Alpha and cheat on you, because you failed her test. She might say she wants an "equal" in the relationship, But that does not line up with her DNA and her subconscious. That's actually the last thing in the world that she wants. She wants a leader and protector, the one who takes stress off of her by making the final decisions and provides guidance.

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